Creating a Contract

Mastering the creation of warranty contracts is foundational for the administration of robust warranty solutions. This guide on ‘Creating a Contract’ will provide you with the expertise to set up new warranty agreements effectively. Delve into the steps to initiate a contract, specify coverage terms, and register client details, ensuring a solid foundation for your warranty transactions. As we guide you through this process, you’ll develop a clear understanding of how to craft precise and comprehensive contracts, laying the groundwork for seamless warranty management. With this knowledge, you’ll be equipped to offer your clients detailed and reliable warranty services that meet their expectations.

Creating a Warranty Contract: #

Dashboard Overview: #

  • Upon logging into WarrantyHub, you’ll land on the dashboard. Here, you can see an overview of your activity.
  • To start creating a contract, select the ‘Contracts’ section from the sidebar.


Viewing Existing Contracts: #

  • In the ‘Contracts’ section, you’ll see a list of all existing contracts. You can search, filter, and manage these contracts as needed.
  • When you’re ready to add a new contract, click on the ‘+ Add Contract’ button.


Selecting a Warranty Group: #

  • Choose the warranty service type, in this case, Standard or Ultimate, but your service groups may be named differently.
  • Enter the contract details, including the owner’s contact information and property details.


Contract Options & Pricing: #

  • Once you select the group, you can specify the options available under that group.
  • If there are upgrades or additional coverages like ‘Surge Protection,’ select them according to the customer’s choice.


Entering Owner Contact Information: #

  • Next, fill in the owner’s contact information.
  • This includes the primary contact email, phone number, and any secondary contact details.


Specifying Property Details: #

  • Provide the warranty address, ensuring that the details are accurate for service and billing purposes.


Finalizing Contract Details: #

  • Review all the details of the contract, including pricing, duration, and payment terms.
  • Set the active date of the policy and include any relevant notes.


Adding Affiliates: #

  • If there are other parties involved in the contract, like agents or inspectors, add their information in the ‘Affiliates’ section.


Reviewing Summary & Creating the Contract: #

  • In the ‘Summary’ section, double-check all entered details. Make sure that the information is correct and complete.
  • When you’re satisfied, click ‘Create Warranty’ to finalize the contract.


This guide concludes your introduction to creating warranty contracts in WarrantyHub. Remember, accuracy is paramount — take a moment to review your entries to ensure all of the contract details are correct. If you encounter any issues or require additional assistance, our support team is available to provide expert help. Thank you for choosing WarrantyHub for your warranty management needs.


For further assistance: #

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Updated on February 5, 2024


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Can WarrantyHub integrate with my existing systems?

Yes, we sure can! If your current service has an API, our tech team can link it up with WarrantyHub, no sweat.

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You bet. Our platform molds to your workflow. It’s like a software chameleon, blending into your claim process, customer journey, and more.

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Absolutely. Our team takes care of all the heavy lifting. You’ll switch over smoothly, without losing any service quality.

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Yes, indeed! We’ve designed our software to scale with your needs. We’re always updating it to suit different business types, big or small.


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