Creating or Editing a Policy

Tailoring warranty policies to meet the specific needs of your clients is crucial in the warranty management sector. This guide on ‘Creating or Editing a Policy’ is your resource for customizing policies with precision. It walks you through the necessary steps to adjust coverage details, set pricing, and manage terms, enabling you to offer policies that are both competitive and compliant.

Access Manage Policies: #

  • On the WarrantyHub dashboard, go to the ‘Settings’ tab.
  • Select ‘Manage Policies’ to see existing policy groups and their respective policies.


Add a New Policy or Edit an Existing One: #

  • To create a new policy, click the ‘+ Add a Policy’ button within the desired policy group.
  • To edit an existing policy, click on the policy you wish to change.


Enter Policy Details: #

  • Policy Template: Choose a template as the basis for your policy.
  • Policy Group: Select the group that the policy will belong to.
  • Policy Name: Assign a unique name to the policy.

Set Pricing Details: #

  • Enter the monetary details for the policy:
    • Monthly Price: Specify the monthly cost of the policy.
    • Yearly Price: Enter the annual cost.
    • Affiliate Price: If there’s a different price for affiliates, add that here.
    • Renewal Price: Specify the renewal rate for the policy.
    • Service Call Fee: Include a service call fee if required.

Policy Duration and Limits: #

  • Renewal Monthly: Enter the monthly renewal rate.
  • Policy Claim Limit: Set a limit for claims, if any.
  • Duration in Months: Define how many months the policy lasts.


Configure Numbering Formats: #

  • Contract # Format: Define the numbering format for contracts.
  • Terms # Format: Set the format for terms numbering.
  • Claims # Format: Determine the claims numbering format.
  • Job # Format: Specify the job numbering format.

Define Policy Features: #

  • Select applicable property types for the policy.
  • Detail any specific policy features or add-ons.

Adjust Policy Settings: #

  • Enabled: Ensure this is checked so the policy appears on internal order forms.
  • Hidden from the Online Order Form: Check if the policy should not be visible online.
  • Is Taxable: Indicate whether the policy is subject to taxes.
  • New Construction: Check if this applies to new building projects.

Set Notifications: #

  • Configure notification settings to control alerts related to policy activities, such as when contracts go active, claims are approved, or when information needs to be communicated to the homeowner or affiliate.

Save the Policy: #

  • After all configurations are set, click ‘Save’ to store the policy details. If you’re editing an existing policy, these changes will take effect immediately.


  • Please ensure all details are accurate and reflect the coverage you intend to provide before saving the policy.
  • Incorrect information can affect contracts and claims associated with the policy.


With the completion of this guide, you’re now equipped to fine-tune warranty policies to the unique contours of your client’s needs using WarrantyHub. Precision in policy customization not only sets the foundation for robust warranty offerings but also positions your services as both competitive and client-centric. As you apply these steps, remember that the details in your policy can significantly impact the service experience. We encourage a final review to ensure every policy reflects the excellence and compliance you aim to achieve. Thank you for entrusting WarrantyHub with your warranty management needs. We are committed to supporting your continued success and are here to assist with any further queries you may have.

Updated on January 8, 2024


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can WarrantyHub integrate with my existing systems?

Yes, we sure can! If your current service has an API, our tech team can link it up with WarrantyHub, no sweat.

Can WarrantyHub match my current workflow?

You bet. Our platform molds to your workflow. It’s like a software chameleon, blending into your claim process, customer journey, and more.

Can you handle migrating my existing database?

Absolutely. Our team takes care of all the heavy lifting. You’ll switch over smoothly, without losing any service quality.

Is WarrantyHub suitable for my unique business model?

Yes, indeed! We’ve designed our software to scale with your needs. We’re always updating it to suit different business types, big or small.


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