Warranty Management Software: An All-In-One Platform by WarrantyHub

Our warranty management software automates, simplifies, and scales with you. Easily manage policy terms, coverage allowances, channel sales, field technicians, claims, customer experience, renewals, and more.

Warranty management software

A Warranty & Claims Management Platform Configured For Your Business Needs

Our platform’s flexibility allows it to be configured to your unique requirements — reducing costs, lowering error rates, and ensuring a smoother workflow while improving customer engagement and retention.

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Our legacy system was sorely outdated, and the data within was held together with duct tape, chewing gum, wishes, and prayers. I lost a lot of sleep, fearing the data transfer once our new platform was set up. Well, I was worrying over nothing because WarrantyHub handled it with ease. Not only are they responsive to our questions and requests, but they also effectively communicate every step of the way.

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Warranty management software

Easy Warranty Registration, Activation & Management

Policy Configuration

Easily set up policies with our warranty software. Define terms and coverage options, select add-ons, and set limits and deductibles.

Lifecycle Tracking

Our management system automates tasks and provides clear oversight throughout the warranty lifecycle, making it ideal for businesses seeking to grow without complexity.

Client Registration

Facilitate a quick and error-free client onboarding process with our intuitive interface, designed to capture essential details and set up warranties quickly.

Affiliate Portals

Easily connect with business partners and contractors using our vendor management software. Seamless data transfer and communication ensure effortless collaboration.

Warranty Processing

Our software automates critical warranty management steps, freeing up your team to focus on core business activities. Experience the dual benefits of saving time and reducing errors.

Increase Engagement

Our warranty management software redefines the customer journey — merging efficiency with simplicity for registrations and claims, ensuring every touchpoint is a positive experience.

Tailored Analytics

Harness the power of data with our versatile analytics. Unlock actionable insights that span across customer behaviors, claim trends, products, and policy.

Bryan Wilson
President of GForce Arms

We cut the initial time it took to record a warranty service request from around 5 minutes to less than 50 seconds. That’s a huge time savings. In addition, we have fewer calls and emails to answer because this system notifies the customer or dealer automatically at each service repair milestone. Overall, I estimate that WarrantyHub has reduced the time we spend processing warranty claims by at least 50%.

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