Vendor & Affiliate Management Solutions by WarrantyHub

Advanced Warranty Affiliate Management & Vendor Network Integration

Experience unparalleled control and efficiency in warranty affiliate management with our best-in-class software. Our platform is designed to ease the complexities of managing warranty affiliates and vendors — featuring intuitive onboarding, advanced analytics, and seamless integration with your vendor networks.

Affiliate Management Software for Streamlined Operations

Vendor Management Solutions For Payments & Logistics

Automated Invoice Management

Handle claim payments and invoice generation automatically laying the foundation for smooth financial transactions.

Return Merchant Authorization

Allow your vendors and distributors to easily receive and send back products for repair or replacement without any hiccups.

Shipping & Label Integration

Create shipping labels, manage product returns, and keep tabs on shipping and affiliate statuses without breaking a sweat.

Quality & Warranty Tracking

Find issues quickly and offer clear visibility over manufacturing improvements with product quality and warranty reports. 

Warranty Affiliate Management Software Solutions Are a Game Changer

Enhance your vendor relationships with our warranty affiliate management solutions — they offer unmatched control and flexibility, making vendor coordination quick and painless. If that’s not enough, our comprehensive real-time analytics will provide you with insights on your products so you can take your business to the next level. 

Vendor Management Solutions
PJ Johnson, Owner/Broker
Redefined Real Estate
Find a good home warranty company that uses this platform. Ordering a warranty for my clients keeps me very well-connected after the sale. I can place and track orders under my account, and I even get updates when clients file claims. It’s nice to see how my clients are being taken care of.

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Take Advantage of Advanced Warranty Analytics

Unlock Insights With WarrantyHub's Reporting & Analytic Solutions

Are you seeking smarter decision-making tools? WarrantyHub’s warranty management analytics are the answer. Our solutions offer real-time warranty metadata to deepen your understanding of customers and their pain points. In the end, you’ll gain actionable insights to enhance your products and their efficacy.

Reduce Errors

Our vendor management software helps you eliminate errors, preserving both your budget and your peace of mind.

Make Happy Clients

Our software speeds up the customer experience, which often translates to repeat business and glowing reviews.

Dial Down The Overhead

Operational costs can be a drain. Our software targets and reduces these overheads, leaving you with a healthier bottom line.

Scale Your Business

If you're eyeing growth, our vendor management software is your ally. Its scalable features allow you to expand without a headache.

Automated Affiliate & Vendor Dispatching

Service Network Management Software

Payment Automation

Automate the tracking of claim payments and the creation of invoices, saving time in the process.


Instant communication between techs and the office through real-time authorizations or denials.

Service History

Provide a full work history, including orders and job notes. Keep service members informed and efficient.

Work Dispatching

Pinpoint the best service technicians using various criteria and auto-generate work orders.

Home Warranty Claims Platform
Are You Ready Take Your Vendor Management To The Next Level?

Warranty Lifecycle Management Made Easy

Warranty Affiliate Management Solutions

Tailor Your Pricing

Choose pricing based on affiliate criteria, offering a truly tailored experience for your customers.

Data & Insights

Empower your affiliates to access insightful reports, helping them understand performance metrics.

Auto Invoicing

Manage your invoicing seamlessly across multiple agencies, vendors, and product lifecycles.

Order & Claim Records

Let affiliates access a detailed history of orders, contracts, and claims.

Warranty Management Software