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Are you seeking a dynamic solution for your warranty and claims management needs? Check out the power of our best-in-class software, perfectly tailored to align with your unique business requirements. Experience effortless workflow customization to improve your operational efficiency and streamline your claims-handling process.


Warranty Claims Management

Service Network Management

Our platform simplifies service network management. Quickly sort trades, locations, and ratings with our user-friendly interface. Get organized and save valuable time.

Contractor Service Center

When it comes to picking a contractor or service center, our platform makes it a breeze. You can see the best service providers for each job.

Get Feedback with CX Surveys

Gather valuable feedback by running customer experience (CX) surveys. This way, you can pinpoint ways to increase customer satisfaction and your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Real-Time Claim Updates

Offer your service network an all-in-one portal for real-time updates. From claim diagnosis to repair quotes and payments, it's all there.


Unleash The Power of Efficient Warranty Claims Management

Boost your business with our warranty claims software — this easy-to-use tool changes how you handle your warranties. From the moment a claim is submitted to when it’s resolved, everything is smooth and transparent. Our software is built on top-of-the-line tech, offering you the best claim handling, processing, customer support, and intelligent features to make your work easier and quicker.

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Transform your business with WarrantyHub’s warranty claims management system — our platform integrates into your operations, upgrading your warranty order processing and claim handling. It’s designed for ease of use, enabling smooth collaboration with partners, and ensuring clear visibility with straightforward claim-tracking features.


Eliminate manual data entry and correspondence to reduce overhead and time spent significantly.


Unify your processes with our open APIs. We can assist with or perform integrations with your favorite platforms.


Embrace the power of automation. Improve communications, save time, and avoid errors.

Breeze Through Your Warranty Claims

Warranty Management Software

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Happy customers are returning customers — our claim software makes the submission process a breeze for your clients. User-friendly interfaces and quick response times mean higher customer retention and satisfaction.

Analytics & Reporting

Knowledge is power. Our software offers real-time analytics and reporting features. This way, you can make data-driven decisions that improve both your service quality and your bottom line.

Automated Claim Processing

One of the most significant advantages of our warranty claims management software is ability to minimize errors. Automate your workflow and ensure that each claim goes through the proper steps.

Intelligent Claims Software

Our claims processing software is designed to be both powerful and cost-effective. By automating repetitive tasks, you free up your staff for more strategic work, reducing overhead costs.

Unleash the Power of Efficiency in Your Claim Processing: Are you game?

The guys at WarrantyHub are incredibly professional and responsive, and they gave us the attention we would not have gotten elsewhere. We looked at MANY different options for our needs. WarrantyHub was the only home warranty platform that looks and feels modern. Along the way, they also discovered efficiencies for our business that we didn’t even know were possible. They are the ultimate partner for anyone with a warranty business. The guys at WarrantyHub exceeded EVERY expectation I had. I could not be happier, and I look forward to working with them for many years.

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