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Streamline your management with WarrantyHub’s warranty content management system. Our intuitive platform allows you to craft user-friendly templates, automate email communications, and dispatch instant text notifications. Experience the simplicity and efficiency of handling warranty claims like never before.

Automate Your Warranty Content Management

Warranty Content Management Solutions & Support

Manage Templates

Change how you communicate by using our customizable templates designed for all your warranty claim needs. You can create, save, and then reuse content to keep your messages both consistent and efficient.

SMS Notifications

Our "SMS Notifications" function lets you send quick text updates — this ensures your customers, but also your partners are informed in real-time, speeding up the entire claim.

Custom Email Events

Never miss a beat with our "Custom Email Events." Automate those crucial email notifications so that your customers stay in the loop about the status of their claims, upcoming updates, or any other key details.

Meta Tags

Give your content a personal touch using our "Meta Tags." You can label and sort your content effortlessly, making every email or SMS event uniquely tailored to your customers' industries.

Warranty Content Management Transformed

Master Your Digital Presence: Automate Your Content Management

Take charge of your warranty content management with WarrantyHub’s innovative software. Our solution centralizes all your warranty-related content in one accessible place, simplifying updates, organization, and customer communication. 

Warranty Claims & Contractor Dispatch Combined

Optimized Contractor Management For Superior Service & Delivery

Enhance contractor coordination with our content management system. Designed for efficiency, it streamlines communication and scheduling within your warranty operations, ensuring you have top-quality service delivered to your customers.

Warranty Management Software

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Our Customer Favorites

Custom Templates

Upload you own HTLM to perfect your brand and messaging. Whether you are changing the style for the season, or rolling out a new campaign, custom templates are sure to increase conversions. 

Clipboard Meta Tags

Personalizing your emails with our library of tags is simple. Just click and paste. Personalized email body’s and subject lines have much higher performance metrics. 

Multi-Target Events

Customize deliverability between multi-channel recipients seamlessly. Ensure your customers, affiliates and internal reps are notified during status changes without extra effort.

White Glove Services

Already have content ready for your SMS or Email correspondence and notifications? Send it to us we’ll integrate and handle the rest. Peace of mind is one of our goals here at WarrantyHub.

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Vendor Management Solutions

PJ Johnson, Owner/Broker
Redefined Real Estate

Find a good home warranty company that uses this platform. Ordering a warranty for my clients keeps me very well-connected after the sale. I can place and track orders under my account, and I even get updates when clients file claims. It’s nice to see how my clients are being taken care of.