Enhance Your Warranty Analytic Software & Deliver Better Products

We change your approach to warranty management with our warranty analytics software. It’s designed to deliver real-time insights, our software helps you identify product issues swiftly, enabling proactive problem-solving. With advanced analytics at your fingertips, you can optimize claim processes, boost customer satisfaction, and stay ahead in a competitive market.


Claim Cost Analysis With Our Warranty Analytic Software

Examining Costs

Find out which products are costing you more than they should. Our warranty analytic software shows you the areas where you could be losing money, in a way that's simple to understand. Make wiser financial moves with clear info.

Failure Point Trends

Learn where your products need work. Our easy-to-read analytics help you dive into the data. You can then figure out how to make your products better or change your coverage to match performance.

Claim Performance

See how well your team is handling warranty claims. You set the rules, and our software shows you who's doing great and who needs a bit more training. You'll know where to put your resources to improve bottomline performance.

Resolution Time

Track how long it takes to handle each warranty claim. Our software helps you cut out the busy work and automate processes so you can focus on great customer service.

Need a Specific Metric? Let Us Know & We'll Get It Added To Our Warranty Analytics Software!

Adapt and grow effortlessly with WarrantyHub’s warranty analytics software. Our platform evolves with your business, ensuring efficient data management and superior service quality, thanks to our scalable solutions.

Claim Tracking

Enhance customer experience (CX) and net promoter score (NPS) with detailed claim resolution reports. By analyzing claim progress from submission to resolution, our warranty analytics software helps you identify and resolve bottlenecks.

Registration & Ordering

Gain insight into sales channel performance with our warranty analytics software. Easily track which products are trending and which are not, and which sales representatives are excelling or underperforming, helping you make informed decisions.

Manufacturer Performance

Optimize product quality by identifying manufacturing flaws that lead to claims. Our warranty analytics software offers critical insights, enabling you to reduce claim rates and enhance product reliability. Proactively address potential issues before they escalate.

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Overview at a Glance: Your Business Achievements Unfolded

Utilize the power of analytics to uncover critical patterns in product performance and operational processes. Identify specific failure points or recurring bottlenecks, enabling you to proactively address these issues and enhance overall efficiency and product reliability.


Reports On What Matters Most

Empower your business with actionable insights from our warranty analytics software. Dive into reports that matter most, uncovering everything from claim handling efficiency to product performance, enabling your team to make data-driven decisions that count.

Migrated Reports

Transition seamlessly between platforms without losing sight of your data. We can migrate and set up your existing reports in our system, ensuring a smooth start.

Customer Satisfaction

Enhance service quality through our automated review system. Configured to collect comprehensive data, our Warranty Analytics Software provides valuable feedback on your service network and overall warranty process.

Report Customization

Tailor reports to your unique business needs. Our Warranty Analytics Software provides custom report capabilities, delivering deeper insights beyond standard reporting.

Agency Reports

Monitor the performance of external sales channels and distributors. Identify high achievers and areas needing improvement with our Warranty Analytics Software, and adjust your marketing strategies for maximum impact.


Transforming Data Into Action: Reports on What Matters Most

Start making smart, data-backed decisions with our top-of-the-line software. Our platform gives you access to in-depth reports and advanced data tools, making your business more efficient. From keeping an eye on claims in real time to spotting trends, we offer the tools you need to manage warranties and claims without a hitch.

Are You Ready to Dive Into Data About Your Warranty Process?

Mike and Phil have been incredible partners! Transitioning to a new database was a significant undertaking. Our old system was outdated and held together with duct tape and wishes. I had concerns about the data transfer to our new platform, but WarrantyHub made it effortless. They are responsive, communicate well, and share our excitement for their product. I’m eager for the new features and our growth on their platform.

Big News! BidBoxPro is now WarrantyHub — New Name, With The Same Great Service.