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We’re your ultimate hub for warranty management — as the worlds fastest growing SaaS warranty management platform, our primary focus is on making your warranty-related tasks as efficient as possible. What are you waiting for? Experience the future of warranty management with WarrantyHub, an automated warranty management platform.

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At WarrantyHub, we are setting the bar with our dynamic warranty management platform — we focus on transforming complexity into simplicity, all while consistently pushing the boundaries of what software can offer. Through relentless innovation, we extend the range of possibilities for your benefit, providing a wide array of solutions tailored to your needs.

Our robust suite of products spans multiple categories and industries, from home warranty and manufacturer warranties to the entire RMA process. We excel in affiliate & vendor management, claim processing, and more. Consider us your all-purpose tool for warranty-related tasks, wrapped in an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can WarrantyHub integrate with my existing systems?

Yes, we sure can! If your current service has an API, our tech team can link it up with WarrantyHub, no sweat.

Can WarrantyHub match my current workflow?

You bet. Our platform molds to your workflow. It’s like a software chameleon, blending into your claim process, customer journey, and more.

Can you handle migrating my existing database?

Absolutely. Our team takes care of all the heavy lifting. You’ll switch over smoothly, without losing any service quality.

Is WarrantyHub suitable for my unique business model?

Yes, indeed! We’ve designed our software to scale with your needs. We’re always updating it to suit different business types, big or small.

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Summer Sweaney, Owner
Innovate Home Warranty

The team at WarrantyHub is nothing short of amazing! Their dedication to providing the best tools in the industry is evident. Thanks to their automated portals, I’ve been able to keep support in-house and venture into new markets swiftly. I haven’t encountered a solution quite like this one.